How many times have you ordered something that looked good on a restaurant’s menu only to receive something completely different?

That was exactly what an Indonesian man experienced recently after ordering a KFC chicken burger through a food delivery service.

According to a report in Coconuts Jakarta, Erwin Sandi had ordered a chicken burger from KFC but he received an incomplete one as it lacked sauce and lettuce as compared to the one in the menu.

Restaurant ran out of ingredients

He uploaded a Facebook post showing screenshots of his conversation with the outlet’s staff where he was told that they ran out of vegetables that day.

“Even after running out of ingredients, you kept selling [the burger]?

“The order could actually have been cancelled, had you refused to sell the product without the vegetables.

“I wanted to return the product, I wanted to complain. But none of your phone numbers could be reached,” he said, showing screenshots of his initial failed attempts in reaching the outlet.

Erwin now wants to file a civil suit against the restaurant at the Palopo District Court due to the condition of the burger he received.

Netizens opined that he is being too dramatic and wasting his time in filing a lawsuit over a minor matter.

Despite that, Erwin wants to press on with the action.

The restaurant’s outlet meanwhile is trying to seek a meeting with Erwin to provide a clearer explanation for the issue.

MAIN IMAGE: Facebook