While scientists and researchers are still hard at work finding a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, many home 'experts' have been relying on their very own methods to kill the virus.

One of these not-proven methods include sunbathing yourself to soak up the sun rays.

Apparently, some Indonesians are taking it really seriously.

Pros and cons

reported that a score of Indonesians, ranging from pensioners to youths, are soaking up the sun like never before during the COVID-19 outbreak because they believe that the sun's rays would kill the virus.

According to the report, the new practice has been driven by unverified claims on social media that sunlight, and the Vitamin D it provides, can kill the coronavirus.

In fact, they've been overdoing it so much, the Indonesian government has been warning its citizens about the dangers of skin cancer.

While some Indonesians really do believe the sunlight can slow or kill the coronavirus, medics have warned that over-exposure could be potentially dangerous to one's health.

However, they said that a 15-minute sunbathing exercise has its benefits.

Dr. Dirga Sakti Rambe, a doctor at Jakarta’s OMNI Pulomas Hospital, confirms that there's no substantial research that proves that sunlight can kill the coronavirus.

“Exposing the body to direct sunlight is good to get vitamin D, not to directly prevent the disease,” he was quoted as saying.

The key message is this: a little bit of sunlight is good for your health, but do not go and turn yourself into barbeque chicken, OK?