Malaysia’s Newest Budget Airline MYAirline Has Launched & Here’s What Fliers Had to Say

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Although Malaysia has a number of low-cost airlines to choose from, fliers have grown increasingly frustrated over the years with companies such as AirAsia due to a number of reasons such as frequent delays, hidden charges, and delayed refunds to name a few.

So back in July 2022 when we caught wind of the word that there was another low-budget airline on the horizon, MYAirline, we rejoiced! After all, most people are keen to fly again after long bouts of being stuck at home due to the pandemic. According to their website, they are an airline ‘that provides safe connectivity, affordable airfares, superior services, and quality products at affordable prices.

On 25 November 2022, bookings for their website was launched and on 1 December 2022 their inaugural flights landed in Langkawi, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu. MYAirline has commenced its services and flies direct from its hub at KLIA2, with its routes operated by the Airbus A320-200 aircraft with 180 seats in a single-class cabin. At first look, the carrier seems to have similarities to AirAsia and even has a tagline that may be a cheeky jibe at their competitor: ‘Fly the NEW RED.’

Standing Out from the Competition

However, the airline has already made a mark as a trailblazer with several firsts such as being the first airline in the world to be fitted with light, innovative, and eco-friendly seats that were manufactured in Italy and allow for fuel saving.
It is also the first airline in Malaysia to design a gender-neutral uniform for its cabin crew with its jacket and pants styled with a pair of white sneakers. One of their in-flight meals also interestingly included Korean Jjajangmyeon, a welcome alternative from the usuals.
MyAirline Flight Routes
Currently the airline flies from KLIA2 to these local airports:
  • Kota Kinabalu

  • Kota Bharu

  • Kuching

  • Langkawi

  • Miri

  • Penang

  • Sibu

  • Tawau

There are no intercity flights, for example, you can't take a flight from Sabah to Sarawak. The only exception is Penang to Langkawi and vice versa. Otherwise all flights fly to and from KLIA2 only.
According to their website they will be exploring regional flights in Q2 of 2023.

MyAirline Review So Far

We haven’t gotten the chance yet, but here’s what some customers had to say about their experience flying with MYAirline:

@JazeeraJulaili said that their good points to note was their punctuality, on-ground service, spacious seats, and suitable aircon temperature. Meanwhile, things that they could improve on were their in-flight announcements, landing experience, and mobile website experience.

Okay benda ni sangat lah membanggakan sebab ini yang akan bezakan MyAirline with other airlines. Semalam my flight,
Z98806 18JAN 9:30PM BKI-KUL
Super punctual.Before 30 min pun dh start calling people from priority lane. Teratur gila! Smooth like butter geng— Jazz™ (@JazeeraJulaili) January 19, 2023

Another user @suzaeeee summarised her review saying that it was super cheap, they had friendly on-ground staff and flight attendants, and that the food appeared to be of standard portions and smelled good although she didn’t try it out herself. The downside was that there was no screen or USB port and the chairs were rigid, stiff, and had thin cushioning. She also mentioned that both times, her flights were delayed for 20-30 minutes, but it might’ve been due to the bad weather.

Another user replied that the cushion was thin, but in comparison to AirAsia, there was more legroom and the seats were pre-inclined.

yes it was as described, nipis but if compared to AA the space from myairline is much bigger and the seat was pre-inclined ✅— eva natasha? (@evanatashacc) December 12, 2022

Twitter user @LooFranklin1 gave a short and sweet review:

One said that overall, they had a good experience with tickets that they had bought at incredibly cheap prices and that the seats were comfortable and spacious:

Spacious and also convenient. Last minute booked from Pen-Kul for just RM49 during festive season.— Norasyikin (@woxyhaemoglobin) December 26, 2022

MyAirline sounds promising so far, but only time will tell if they manage to sustain themselves.

Check out their website for flights or stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram pages for promotions.

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