“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” - José Ortega y Gasset

No concerns, no responsibilities…When was the last time you felt like a free bird in the world? Well, I guess childhood is probably the closest answer to that question, don't you think so? There are just so many things we did as a child, even some things we may have got ourselves into trouble for.

Furthermore, the mind of a child creates a world of its own. It is one place where no one gets a say in what’s wrong or what’s right. Their imagination just runs wild! One of those imaginations would be having their favourite cartoon character as their best friend or even a partner in crime and usually it’s more than one character.

Have you wondered which cartoon character could be your best friend? Let’s find out together!

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Being an adult sometimes takes almost all the time in the world. When we were kids, our parents or guardian took upon our cares so that we could have a blast! But there is a downside…sometimes parents tend to do things that could be a little embarrassing for a child even if it means to dress up as their favourite cartoon character.

Hey if you’re a parent, you know.

As the wide amount of food we could get in Malaysia, there are also many types of parents here. If you’re in Malaysia long enough, you’ll definitely relate to this video.