On Sunday, the whole world was glued to their TV screens as we watched, in excitement, the FIFA World Cup Final.

It was indeed a night to remember as the game was thrilling and jam-packed with action on both sides of the goal posts. The French masterclass was on full display, and even though Croatia put up a tough fight, they lost the match but still made history in the process: it was the first time Croatia has ever reached the World Cup finals.

There were a few memorable moments throughout the game, and some players really stood out compared to the rest. One player from the French team in particular caught our (and the rest of the world’s) attention. It was Kylian Mbappé.

So, who is this young, charismatic player? Here are five things you may not know about him.

#1 The World’s Most Expensive Teen Footballer

People say the number 10 is quite the legendary number.
The French lad currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and less than a year since he signed with the club, he has scored a total of 21 goals in his debut season. Out of 21 goals, 10 of it are in the Champions League, making him the youngest player ever to achieve that feat.

Before playing for PSG, Mbappé was playing for Monaco and it was said that his total transfer fee to the club was €145 million (RM685.9 million), plus another €35 million (RM165.56 million) in add-ons. That makes him the most expensive teenager ever, and the second most expensive football player after Neymar.

#2 The Second Youngest Player In The 2018 World Cup

Well just like the Malay proverb,
Kylian was 19 years and 167 days old when he played in this year’s World Cup, just 15 days shy from taking the top spot which is held by Australia’s Daniel Arzani (aged 19 years and 152 days old).

#3 The Youngest French Goal Scorer In World Cup History

How long will it take until some other kids beats his record?
France’s new wonderboy is setting and breaking records everywhere. He’s now officially the youngest French goal scorer in the World Cup. And his first goal in the 2018 World Cup was a pivotal one for the French team as it secured a 1-0 win against Peru. In the next match against Argentina, Mbappé scored not once but twice. His goals also helped secure another win for Les Bleus. And who could forget that the 19-year-old also scored in the Final on Sunday?

#4 He’s On Par With The Legendary Pelé

Mbappe won the FIFA Young Player Award.
He’s achieved quite a lot at a very young age and many pundits and fans have liken him to the legendary Pelé and his stats show. Mbappé is the second teenager after the Brazilian to score twice in a World Cup match, and also the second teenager to score more than twice in a World Cup tournament after England star Michael Owen. Well, we foresee greater things happening for this young lad.

#5 Big Fan of Cristiano Ronaldo

Did your room look like this when you were younger too?
He's a true, certified Ronaldo fan.
Every good player idolises another good or legendary player in order to motivate them to achieve the same success as their idols. And for Mbappé, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has five Ballons d'Or awards under his belt and has received numerous awards, and he also happens to be the Frenchman’s childhood hero. In fact, he used to cover his room with posters of the Portuguese star and spent hours watching videos of Ronaldo on the internet.

Who would’ve imagined a few years later he’d meet his idol and play against him? Amazing!