Since last weekend, we have been seeing many Popular bookstore outlets plastered with a big clearance sales of up to 70 per cent discounts nationwide.

Not only that, the major sale comes with a tagline 'Everything Must Go'.

Look at all the stationery!
This exciting event offers more than just books. You can even grab your favourite CDs and DVDs (what are those?), stationery, gadgets and IT peripherals at great rebates from now until this Sunday, 7 October.

Besides that, you also get to take home up to five selected English books for only RM25, up to three selected Malay books for RM25 and selected Chinese books for as low as RM1!

Stocks are also guaranteed to be added and replenished daily, so don't worry.

See if you can find one of your favourites here.
The only condition is that you must spend at least RM10 and above in your entire bill to enjoy the full discounts.

Here are all the participating outlets.
Now, we cannot help but wonder why did Popular use the 'Everything Must Go' tagline? The sceptic in us is telling us that the popular (pun intended) bookstore is getting rid of these outlets to shut down.

Well, you cannot blame us for thinking that after what happened to the MPH outlet in 1 Utama in August.

To sort out our deepest concerns, we reached out to Popular themselves to hear what they have to say.

Are they really closing down?

Calm your inner bookworms, Popular bookstores are not closing down.

As it turns out, the massive clear out is one of their usual clearance sales, just that this time, it's larger in scale.

Business as usual, folks!
"The current clearance is going on at selected Popular outlets and it is just one of our numerous sales and promotions happening throughout the year," Popular senior marketing manager Alicia Goh told Rojak Daily.

"This promotion is only for 10 days, thereafter everything will be as usual. In future, may have different theme and format of promotion for our customers."

So, there you have it! Head to the nearest Popular outlet and enjoy the brilliant discounts in the next couple of days.

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.