A few weeks ago, the plight of our animal friends at Zoo Negara went viral after news broke about the zoo lacking funds to care for the animals.

And now, it seems that another zoo also desperately needs our help to maintain its facility and the upkeep of its animals.

Various uses for the fund

Zoo Melaka is pleading for the public to come forward and donate to the zoo as they are facing financial difficulties following the zoo’s closure due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“Due to the cost incurred and no income through ticketing, we would like to ask fellow animal enthusiast to help us during this trying times,” the zoo said in a statement.

Zoo Melaka needs your help! Dear friends of Zoo Melaka, as we all know that Zoo Melaka is closed during this Movement Control Order (MCO). During this period of time we still maintain the wellbeing of our Animal Friends in the Zoo. We need your help to maintain the wellbeing our our friends in the Zoo. Help us by donating to us today. Your donation will be used to buy animal food and also medicine for our animal friends. Donations can be made to: CIMB Account 8009600869 Zoo MPHTJ Thank you and let us strive together in maintaining Zoo Melaka during this hard times. For more information, please contact: +6012 897 6937 (Eriza) +6011 1285 2789 (Shahira) Thank you.

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Besides food, the fund will also be used to purchase medication to treat affected animals.

Zoo Melaka, however, will not offer adoption programs such as Zoo Negara via its donation drive.

Have you been to Zoo Melaka before?
So, let’s do our part and help our animal friends by donating to the zoo’s CIMB account – 8009600869 (ZOO MPHTJ).

For more info, contact +6012 897 6937 (Eriza) or +6011 1285 2789 (Shahira).