During the pandemic, many of us realised just how important staying connected is as many businesses made the shift from physical stores to online stores while others moved to expand their online presence. The expectations of customers have increased as people want their orders, and they want them now.

Therefore, having strong internet connectivity is vital for businesses, especially SMEs. Astro has launched the all-new BIZfibre, its next-generation broadband service with a WiFi-6 certified router that provides high-speed broadband at greater stability to businesses.

You may also want to keep your customers entertained with high-quality content. BIZfibre is powered by Astro Fibre and is the perfect complement to its commercial TV Packs that offer live sports, the biggest TV shows, blockbuster movies and breaking news.

We’ve also covered news about the consequences of streaming illegal shows, so if you’re running an F&B outlet or hotel, make sure you only access legal content. Take advantage of these offers regardless of the size of your business or industry with premium commercial flexi packs bundled with BIZfibre at special introductory prices.

When asked about the new offering, Group CEO designate Euan Smith mentioned that as Astro moves to become a streaming provider, providing broadband was the next best step in assuring quality while opening a new revenue stream.

As the push was mainly towards SMEs we asked if the target was only eateries like mamaks and hotels to which he responded that hospitals, office lounges, and car service centres are also among the target market for the new offering. He continued that there was plenty of potential as SMEs make up 97% of businesses in Malaysia.

Free* broadband up to 24 months

In conjunction with the launch of BIZfibre, Astro is offering a VIP Pack with 59 channels and a VIP Plus Pack with 70 channels. Here’s what it comes with:

VIP Pack

VIP Plus Pack

BIZfibre Standalone Package

Here’s what you’ll get:

Terms and conditions apply to the packages. Visit business.astro.com.my to sign up or contact their Customer Service at 03-9544 7566 for more enquiries.