After a long break due to the Movement Control Order, schools finally reopened this week.

However, instead of being overjoyed, a parent of a Year One student was shocked and disappointed.

According to a report by Malay Mail, Adam Azali’s shock was caused by a noodle dish sold at his daughter’s school.

The instant noodles that cost RM1.50, was plain and soggy with no additional ingredients or even effort made to make it more nutritious.


anak darjah 1, dia ingat2 Mee, sbb 2 dia bwk blk unh, BILA Sy tgk megi rupanya sbb kembang dia ingat2 Mee. adoooii pandapat anda

♬ original sound - Adam Azali456

His daughter apparently bought the packed food, thinking that it contained fried noodles.

Adam took to TikTok to share a video of the noodles and asked netizens if such noodles deserve to be sold for RM1.50.

Take it up with the school

Naturally, TikTok users criticised the choice of food offered at the school as it is generally known that instant noodles are bad for health.

Some even asked Adam to take the matter up with the school’s authority.

Whether he did so or not, Adam vowed to pack home-cooked meals for his daughter after the incident.


Kita buat bekal untuk ank dengan kasih Sayang cara koboi ja..

♬ original sound - Adam Azali456

In fact, a recent video of him showed him packing lunch for his child consisting of bread and a fried egg cooked using olive oil.

Good for him!