From a regular passenger’s eyes, a flight attendant may look like someone who performs simple duties, like serving food and making sure everyone is seated in an airplane.

However, some would go the extra mile if it meant helping a passenger overcome their fear of flying, just like this Lion Air flight attendant.

The internet was all hearts after a video showing the flight attendant assisting a senior citizen passenger during mealtime by feeding her went viral on social media.

Loving gesture

Going the extra mile.
Malay Mail
reported that the senior citizen, who was reportedly 117-years-old, was travelling from Surabaya to Palangkaraya on the Indonesian low-cost carrier.

According to Instagram user Armaini Imay, who was on the same flight and recorded the video, the anxious elderly passenger initially refused to put on a seatbelt and wanted to get down from the airplane.

“With such loving care, the flight attendant gave her a beverage, fed her gently as though she was his own mother and managed to coax her to wear a seatbelt in the end,” he wrote on the post.

Perjalanan ku malam tadi naik pesawat Lion Air dari SBY menuju PKY, kagum melihat dedikasi seorang pramugara yg dg Sabar melayani nenek dg usia 117 th yg tidak mau pasang sabuk pengaman padahal pesawat telah take off dan nenek minta kembali turun dari pesawat, dg perlakuan penuh kasih sayang diberi minum, disuapi makan dg lembut seperti merawat orang tua sendiri yg pada akhirnya si nenek mau memasang sabuk pengaman, kereeen ??? #lionair

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The video then managed to make its way onto Twitter, when it was shared by Twitter user @the4rel.

The clip also went viral on Twitter, having been viewed more than one million times, with Netizens showering praise on the unnamed flight attendant for his sweet, sweet gesture:

Bless the noble heart of this flight attendant!