Our Health Director-General Datuk Seri Noor Hisham Abdullah is probably every Malaysians' most favourite person right now.

His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his humility has been impressive.

Turns out, he is not only competent, but also an overall nice guy.

A new friend

Twitter user @imancullen recently shared a tweet about his nine-year-old sister’s letter to Dr Noor Hisham and the reply she received.

In her letter, the girl named Lara thanked the good doctor for all he’s been doing and even attached a LoomBand which she often makes for her friends as a sign of friendship.

"I have made this blue Loomband for you to thank you for all the work you are doing to help the people of Malaysia, to stay safe and healthy during this viral outbreak," Lara wrote.

This is the cutest letter we've ever seen.
She also left her mother’s phone number in the letter, to which the DG or someone from his office sent a reply via WhatsApp.

'Your new friend'

In his reply, Dr Noor Hisham thanked Lara for the letter and the bracelet, which his granddaughter is now wearing.

The humble man he is, he also said that he’s not working alone but with a team that is trying its best for the country.

Dr Noor Hisham thanked the girl for the letter.
"Fellow Malaysians like yourself have been a wonderful help by playing your part by staying at home.

"Please continue to do so, and together we can fight the virus," Dr Noor Hisham wrote back.

He also advised Lara to study hard, and one day it will be her turn to help Malaysia.

Here's Dr Noor Hisham's letter:

The good doctor replied.
The most ‘aww’ part of the letter is probably the signoff, which said: “From your new friend, Dr Hisham”.

Can this be any cuter?

We’re sure the letter made Lara super happy, because it made us super happy reading it.