Dogs are undeniably human's best friend.

And for some, they are the secret weapon to a police force.

Black the hero

A Labrador named Black has been hailed as the hero of the Langkawi police force for helping the police locate a suspected drug pusher at Kampung Kelibang.

According to a report by The Sun, the three-year-old good boi's hard work earned him a certificate of appreciation, as well as treats, by Kedah police chief Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat.

Despite only joining the Langkawi police force in January this year, he successfully helped the police to arrest the 40-year-old suspect, who was found to be packing 126.4 gramme of heroin on him.

Image credit: Facebook/Polis Kedah

The report said that the drugs, worth RM7,584, were found hidden in a box placed at a hut near the suspect's house.

“The man was detained in a room in the house with an aluminum foil containing 10 Erimin 5 pills weighing 2.85 gm. Team members then enlisted the help of K9 sniffer dogs to detect drugs outside the house.

“A sniffer dog named ‘Black’ found a cloth bag covered with a box on the ground, which contained three transparent plastic packets containing 126.40 gm of heroin in a hut outside the house," Langkawi district police chief ACP Shariman Ashari was quoted as saying.

ACP Shariman added that the heroin seized could be used by 120 to 150 drug addicts.

According to Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk S. Suresh Kumar, the good boi plays an important role in making sure that the drugs do not make it out onto the streets.

“Black's presence with his fellow canine colleagues had successfully kept drug distribution on the tourist island in check,” Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk S. Suresh Kumar was quoted as saying.

Good job, Black! Enjoy your treats.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/Polis Kedah