When a robber breaks in, it is quite normal to expect our pet dog to be our saviour.

However, when such a situation occurred at a jewellery store in Thailand, the dog that guards the store chose sleep over the store’s security.

Luckily, the robbery was not a real one.

According to a report by Malay Mail, the "robbery" was actually part of a security exercise to train staff on how to react if an armed robber were to confront them at gunpoint.

Everyone acted accordingly except for Lucky, the husky who just slept on the floor.

Owner defends Lucky

A video of Lucky’s nonchalant act was uploaded on Facebook and it garnered over one million views in just three days.

While many commented on how useless Lucky was in the situation, his owner came to his defence.

He said that this was the first time that they ever conducted the exercise and Lucky was actually quite familiar with the policeman who acted like the robber.

“This was a Thai police training of what it would be like if a thief came into my store and stole all the jewellery.

“The armed robbery in this video is of a policeman that my dog Lucky already knew; maybe that’s why she did nothing.”

“I found it very funny to see that she didn’t even try doing anything and continued to sleep,” said Worawut Lomwanawong.

He further said that Lucky is actually an active and compliant dog.

Lucky is adorable and we're pretty sure she'll spring to action when there's actual danger.