Imagine a coronavirus-shaped car driving around your street!

We think this would definitely make people stop and think before heading outdoors.

And this is precisely why a man in India built a 100cc small single-seater ‘coronavirus’ car recently.

The vehicle is made of fluorescent-green fibre and even has red crown-like spikes - just like the virus.

He has been driving it around Hyderabad to remind people to stay at home.

People need to be reminded

“People are not scared and are still... on the streets despite the clear danger.

“My message through the car art is to make them understand that it is dangerous to be out on the streets and the safest place right now is the home,” 67-year-old Sudhakar Yadav told AFP.

Yadav said his car was inspired by virus-shaped helmets worn by police elsewhere in India to scare people to stay at home during the country’s 21-day lockdown.

FYI, Yadav also holds the Guinness World Record for designing the world's largest tricycle.

He said the Hyderabad police had been “supportive” of his invention.

“They want the car to be showcased to create awareness,” he said.