We're calling it right now, that pink is going to be the hot new ticket in iPhones. No more rose gold that kinda looks pink, but isn't. After years of waiting, there's finally a proper pink iPhone.

Here are all the biggest changes coming to the iPhone 15:

1. 48MP main camera

A hand-me-down of the 14 Pro, the iPhone 15 main camera now gets 48MP and can output in a new 24MP high-resolution mode. The new resolution also provides a 2x zoom function where previously you only had 0.5 zoom and 1x.

You can also adjust focus after taking a photo and you don't have to switch to portrait mode to snap portraits with bokeh. The camera automatically detects if there's a person in the frame and it'll allow you to adjust focus depth later in the Photos app. It also works on pets like dogs and cats.

2. Dynamic Island arrives

Again, here's another feature of the iPhone 14 Pro. It's nice to see that all it took was one year for the feature to be ported. Its actual usefulness is still untapped though, even now. That said, the iPhone 15 does not get Always-On display. That remains a Pro feature.

3. No more Lightning cable, welcome USB-C

Due to legal troubles in Europe, Apple was forced to adopt USB-C in all of its devices and the iPhone 15 line-up will be the first to finally move to USB-C. 11 years after Lightning was introduced in the iPhone 5, we're now in a USB-C world which is great because our iPad and Macs all charge using USB-C and they're way more convenient.

The AirPods Pro gen 2 also get a USB-C update and will now support lossless audio with the Vision Pro.

4. Pink is a new colour and the back glass is infused with colour

The back glass of the iPhone has always been problematic for repairers and for people who like money in their wallets. Now with colours infused into the glass, we're not sure if this will help or hurt the self-repair industry and the prices for replacing them.

There was a concerted effort by Apple to annouce their sustainability goals this year, going so far as to create an ad where they speak to mother nature herself, so we'd be surprised if the back glass was somehow worse to repair or more expensive. iFixit will let us know soon enough.

5. New (old) chip A16 Bionic

Any chip upgrade from Apple is great, as they make excellent chips. The iPhone 14 Pro that we have is still chugging along with the A16 Bionic and nothing can slow it down... so it's doubly weird that its many processors and graphics processors couldn't be used to power an Always-On display for the iPhone 15.

It's not exactly the biggest flex to have an Always-On display, Androids have had them for years. It's a weird holdout, but hey, we can't question it.

Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus start at 128GB at RM4,199 and RM4,899 respectively.