Since Pakatan Harapan won the recent #GE14, many of you must be thinking that a majority of Malaysians have put their trust and hopes into the coalition and elected politicians to lead the government.

However, despite their win, it seems that many Malaysians are still struggling to put their trust into policy makers, no matter what political party they are from.

Yes, the facts are in.
According to a survey by Centre For A Better Tomorrow (Cenbet), only 16 per cent of Malaysians trust politicians, making them the least trustworthy government institution in Malaysia.

And guess who's the most trustworthy camp in Malaysia? It’s our armed forces.

The noble men and women defending our country garnered 60 per cent of trust from Malaysians.

Thank you to our brave countrymen and countrywomen.
The survey also illustrated that honesty and dedication were the most important qualities they want to see in a trusted politician, while education and wealth were the least important attributes.

But politicians are not the most untrustworthy people, though. Coming in dead last in the spectrum is the local mainstream media, at 23 per cent. (But why?!)

Ironically, more Malaysians (31 per cent) trust the alternative online media more than the mainstream media and the traditional newspapers.

So, are you surprised with the results of this survey or it is something you've already expected?