Zoo Negara's struggles, especially during the movement control orders (MCOs), have been well documented.

A lack of visitors has affected the zoo negatively, as they were constantly forced to organise fundraising campaigns just to feed their animals.

But it looks like things are starting to pick up for Zoo Negara.

Crowd is coming back

Zoo Negara has been enjoying a surge in visitors as the crowd has reportedly started returning to the zoo after it was allowed to reopen just before the weekend.

New Straits Times reported that the zoo reached its maximum capacity of 2,500 per day set by the National Security Council (NSC).

The zoo's zoology and veterinary director Dr Naim Ramli told the daily that Zoo Negara welcomed 2,500 visitors not only on Friday (5 March), but on Saturday (6 March) as well.

Welcome back, friends of animals.
Dr Naim said the overwhelming response could also be due to the discount offered by Zoo Negara.

"Before this, we charged adult visitors RM45 per entry and RM18 for children.

"But recently, we decided to drop the fee by 20 per cent on Friday when we reopened," he was quoted as saying, adding that Zoo Negara are also now allowing the public to try their luck fishing at the lake from 9am to 3.30pm daily at RM35 per person.

Dr Zaim also hopes that the public would continue to visit the zoo, which is open every day.

If you have some free time to spare and want to do something other than hanging out at cafes, maybe you can visit our animal friends at the zoo.