Over the years, we've read plenty of news about new parents giving their newborn child an unusual name, like this Indonesian man who named his son after the department he works in.

But have you ever wondered what the longest and shortest name ever legally registered in Malaysia?

Well, we now have an answer to that.

A breath-taking name

The longest name ever registered in Malaysia is -- take a deep breath, boys and girls -- Princess Aura Nurr Ermily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra binti Mohd Suffian.

According to a report by Utusan Malaysia, the National Registration Department (NRD) was forced to come out and clarify the news after a man took to social media to reveal his daughter’s lengthy name recently.

The father, one Mohd Sholihin, said in a Facebook post that his daughter’s name is Nur Shafia Aaliya Zulaika Amira Naura Aurora Yeeha Cinta binti Mohd Sholihin, which, if legit, could very well be a contender for the title of the longest name in Malaysia.

Along with the post, he also shared a screenshot of the girl’s birth certificate.

After his post went viral, Mohd Sholihin admitted that it was actually fake news; he had edited the birth certificate to put in the fake name, you know, "just for fun".

His daughter's actual registered name is Nur Shafia Aaliya binti Mohd Sholihin - which is nowhere near being the longest name ever registered in Malaysia.

As a result of the man's, umm, not funny joke, the NRD had to step in confirm that Princess Aura Nurr Ermily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra binti Mohd Suffian remains the longest name in the country to date.

The shortest name in Malaysia

Now that we know what the actual longest name in Malaysia is, are you curious to find out what the shortest name in the country is?

Well, of course you are.

According to the report, the shortest name ever registered in Malaysia that is found in NRD's database is -- get this! -- S binti Rusli.

Image credit: Astro Awani

S is a 32-year-old floor plan designer who was born in Johor, and she told Astro Awani that she gets a lot of puzzled looks when she tells people that her name is S.

"Sometimes, when I tell people my name, they think it's a nickname. So, I have to show them my identity card.

"When I fill in a form, people will laugh because the name is weird. If I see their reaction, I would also laugh and tell them that it is actually my name.

"Even though that was the name given by my dad, I'm happy. I had no problems in school. Some even teased that 'S' stands for Superman but it's okay, the 'S' symbol is fine," she was quoted as saying.