Remember how Wuhan, China was the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak?

The province now has healed so much that students are allowed to go to school.

Making it safe for the kids.

AFP reported that senior school students in 121 institutions were back in school since schools shut down in January this year.

However, the junior and middle school students are not yet allowed to go to school as a precaution.

As a new normal, some schools spaced out their desks and organised smaller class sizes.

Checking for symptoms

The books are back.

Temperature checks are a must for those walking into the school gates.

The report also quoted China Daily as saying some schools arranged staggered arrival times for teachers and students.

Perhaps, we should do this here too when our schools reopen.

According to COVID-19 statistics by Johns Hopkins University and Medicine, China has a total of 84,047 positive cases with 4,638 deaths.