If you have been following the news or been on social media the past few days, you might have come across pictures of dead doggos that perished during the recent flood in Seremban.

Persatuan Penyelamat Haiwan Terbiar Furrykids Safehaven, who runs a shelter which was badly affected by the flood, has reported that more than 50 of some 1,800 dogs at the shelter have died and many more are still missing.

Bernama reported that the shelter was affected by a massive flood that started around midnight on 4 November and affected 11 areas in Seremban.

Some dogs managed to escape but others panicked

Poor doggos :(
Quoting association secretary Sathiavany Madhavan, the news agency reported that within 30 minutes, the water levels at the shelter went up to over four-feet.

Although workers who stayed at the shelter released all the dogs from their cages, some panicked and got swept up.

Some of the dogs managed to climb onto the roof of the building but others weren't so lucky.

According to the report, dog feeds and the staff's quarters were badly damaged in the flood.

The shelter was supposed to be moved to a new location for which the association was already collecting funds for.

"We were raising funds with a target of RM350,000 to build a complete shelter at another rented location in Kuala Sawah, Seremban which is currently under construction.

"However, because of this incident, we have requested for the contractor to expedite work so that at least the dogs can be moved there first. Now we fear that the cost has shot up by another RM100,000,” Sathiavany told Bernama.

You can help!

If you are a dog lover and wish to help the shelter, you can do so by donating some money to them.

Alternatively, you can also help spread the word to your friends, because the poor doggos need us.

Check out their Facebook for more information and latest updates.