Imagine attending a funeral and while the rites are going on, the dead person waves from inside the coffin.

Sounds like a horrifying dream kan?

Well, it actually happened inIndonesia recently.

Waving goodbye?

According to a report in Ladbible, an attendee was recording a video at a funeral proceeding when the corpse allegedly 'waved' from inside the coffin.

We're not making this up, check out the video below:

In the 36-second video, the priest can be heard saying, "God has said in the book of John. I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me he will live even though he is dead."

And when the person shooting the video zoomed in on the small glass panel of the coffin (who does that?), it appeared that there was some sort of movement in the coffin.

According to the report, the video was recorded on 5 May in the town of Manado.

An unexpected but normal occurance

It's pretty common.
While many feared that the man was being buried alive, the report said that the most likely explanation is that the corpse was moving due to changes that happen in the body after death.

Quoting a study from 2019, the report said that researchers studying the process of decomposition from Central Queensland University in Australia, found that without external 'assistance' human remains can change their position.

To be honest, we know there's a scientific explanation for that, but it's still pretty creepy!

In the meantime, check out this article interview we did with a pathologist: