School's been out for forever now because of COVID-19.

In Malaysian, about 1.1 mil preschoolers, Year One and Year Two students however, were allowed into the classrooms today (1 March) after delays due to the pandemic.

As a way to welcome the kids and maybe help alleviate feelings of fear and nervousness, some schools went out of the way by getting a few familiar "famous friends" to join the welcome party.

Hello kids!

Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Captain America, a couple of Transformers and many other celebrities definitely brightened up the sometimes dreaded first day of school.

Netizens shower praises to schools and teachers

The special appreances not only brightened up the day for students but pictures of videos of the characters at school receive praise from Malaysians around the country.

There were also a few that said it was a waste of effort and money but we loved the initiative lah.

Keep it up schools and teachers, and to our adik-adik, all the best!