You guys remember the story about the guy in Terengganu who dressed up as a hantu to scare his young neighbours because they weren't adhering to the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

Well, his ingenious plan actually worked.

It worked so well that, in fact, the Terengganu police paid him a visit recently. Uh oh!

Is he in trouble?

It's all fun and games until the popo comes knocking.
On Tuesday (31 March), Muhammad Urabil Alias posted on his Facebook page that police from the Kemaman district police came knocking on his door.

He told the New Straits Times that the police arrived in two black Toyota Hilux pick ups and a lorry, and asked him if he was the guy who dressed up as the hantu to scare youngsters in Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai.

He admitted at that moment, he was worried that the police will chuck him into the back of the Hilux.

“The policemen from the Kemaman police headquarters then told me to wear the costume again and to meet them outside the house. Only God knew how scared I was at that moment.

“I thought I would be taken on a lorry. My wife Yati Hayati got shocked,” he was quoted as saying.

As it turns out, the police just wanted to thank him in person for going the extra mile to ensure that his neighbours adhere to the MCO.

“I was elated and touched by the acknowledgment that came from the frontliners themselves," he was quoted as saying.

Muhammad Urabil also told the daily that he's now earned the nickname ‘Detektif Hantu’.

Well done, 'Detektif Hantu'. We hope to hear more adventures from you soon.