Post-GE14 days have led to many calls for directors and filmmakers to make a movie inspired by the historic changes that is currently happening within our nation.

We didn't think it would happen this soon but someone has actually stepped up with the idea to produce a film about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

And this person is not a Malaysian.

Raman Kumar, a Bollywood producer, has plans to make a movie on our 92-year-old Prime Minister's political comeback.

Yup, Bollywood!

Not this kind of Bollywood movie lah.
According to Bernama, the film, tentatively titled Malaysia's Saviour Mahathir, will tell Dr Mahathir's story about how he campaigned against corruption using common sense, wisdom and his 22-year experience during his first tenure as the nation's leader.

"I want to direct and produce this movie because Dr Mahathir, at 92, has brought Malaysians together in what proved to be a victorious election (for him and his coalition). He's indeed a marvel of strength, will and tenacity," the 73-year-old filmmaker told Bernama.

Come to think of it, why hasn't anyone made a movie about Malaysian politics?
The movie will be filmed in Hindi -- it is a Bollywood film after all -- but of course, it will be dubbed into Malay and English to cater to Malaysians and the international audience.

If you were wondering why a Bollywood producer of all people, don't worry, we were wondering the same as well, but not in a bad way!

Raman has actually produced five movies in Malaysia, so he is quite familiar with the happenings in our country and the ways of the entertainment industry here.

He told Bernama that Malaysian actors will be featured in the movie and some of the production crew will be from Mumbai.

"I want to tell the intense story of the remaking of Malaysia after six decades of trials and tribulations, and the way Malaysians intensely felt the moment the (then) opposition won (the election)," he said.

This is a story that we want to see for ourselves as well, through the eyes of another person.

Malaysian filmmakers should take a cue from Raman.
With Dr Mahathir as the anchor of this film, Raman finds him a colourful character and wants to tell his story as it is.

Since it will involve a lot of research, the producer has engaged a Malaysian scriptwriter who is well-versed in our country's politics.

This scriptwriter happens to be renowned journalist and associate professor M Krishnamoorthy.

We are only about three weeks into Dr Mahathir's second tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia and we believe that more of his story will continue to unfold in the coming days.