Two men took the saying “life imitates art” to another level after planning a kidnap attempt based on Hong Kong TV dramas. Fortunately (or unfortunately for them), their plan to abduct a female factory manager failed and they are currently in police custody.

The failed kidnappers had ambushed the victim in a stolen van as she was driving near a school along Jalan Sierramas Utama in Sungai Buloh. They forced her out of her car and bundled her into their vehicle. However, the two men panicked when she started screaming, attracting passersby who chased after the van. They eventually released her after driving a few kilometres away.

Image: Giphy
Their misfortune continued as the driver lost control of the van out of panic and crashed it. The vehicle burst into flames and the police managed to arrive at the scene just in time to arrest the men. Police also found a note demanding a RM5 million ransom from the victim. According to a source, they had been following the victim for almost one month before the kidnap attempt.

Image: Giphy
One of the men, a 26-year-old electrician, admitted to the police that he thought he was stupid to have followed along with the plan. He regretted his actions because the plan was just an attempt to settle his partner-in-crime’s gambling debts amounting up to tens of thousands.

Well, at least he was smart enough to finally realise that.