It’s the holiday season and due to the volume of vehicles on the road, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing a number of accidents on the road.

Unfortunately, this one attracted a lot of unwanted attention on Twitter. A controversial dashcam video of a motorcar accident involving a few vehicles was making rounds on Twitter yesterday.
The incident involved a number of vehicles including an Avanza and a black Myvi, allegedly driven by a man under the influence of drugs.

What caught the eye of netizens isn’t the damage to the vehicles, but the sight of a makeshift bong or top puff held by a distraught driver in the video.

The man looks to be holding a bong made out of a juice bottle, trying to comprehend the situation while also answering questions hurled at him by fellow motorists.

The sight of the bong angered many on social media with some even questioning the efforts of legalising medicinal marijuana in Malaysia.

However, a number of Twitter users clarified that the efforts to legalize the use of marijuana are only for medicinal purposes, not recreational.

Concerned netizens also chimed in and advised people to stay away from any kinds of drugs as they are harmful to you and your loved ones.

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