10 Awesome Vendors This Influencer Couple Had for Their Lavish Wedding

Alicia Corbett
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When normal people get hitched, they usually have a photo booth or, at most, a live wedding painter. However, fashion designer Emran Rijal and beauty brand founder Athirah Kamaruzzaman had not one, not two, but a whopping total of TEN vendors for their lavish wedding.
The couple are the fashion designer and founder of Emri Vision and the founder of TK by Tyra and BeauTyra. Athirah, better known as Tyra, is also a popular influencer who boasts 533K followers. In May, the two got hitched in a beautiful white-themed ceremony, where the groom even designed a dress for the beautiful bride. Recently, Tyra shared the vendors they had for their wedding on social media, stating, “Our guests had so much fun with the foods and activities we had at our wedding.”
Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
This included famous roadside café bluum.rc, which served coffee, iced chocolate, and teas, which Tyra cited as her favourite. There was also a henna booth with three artists to keep their guests entertained and looking extra chic.
Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
Another unique addition was a mini pancake booth with various flavours and toppings for guests to nibble on. Instead of a typical guestbook in which you write, there was also an audio guestbook with an adorable vintage telephone for guests to speak into. Tyra said, “(we) cried listening to all the messages.”
Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
An exceptional stall was an apam balik stand! The stall, in particular, was Apam Balik Faris World, which has almost 6K followers on Instagram and has provided its services to other celebrities like Vivy Yusof. She called it “the best apam balik. ever.” Everyone was also apparently hyped about the Ice Cream Booth MY, which serves handcrafted ice cream and even added the couples' names to the cups. How cute!
Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
Next, jelly balls are appearing increasingly often at pasar malams and look great for that Instagram pic. The couple engaged Opaheyy Jellyball, which can be found at Taman Putra Ampang. There was also a flower bar where guests had fun picking their bouquets.
Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
We reckon that the guests would’ve been quite stuffed even before they went in because they also had punten by Abang Bahulu, which is an incredibly viral stall with 236.3K followers and 2.7M likes on TikTok. Finally, they had a fun stand where guests could receive live portraits from artists on the spot. Such a unique door gift!
In addition to the mind-blowing vendors, Tyra revealed more details of her wedding in another TikTok video. She got him a wedding ring from Harry Winston, one of the most magnificent jewellers in the world, frequently worn by Hollywood A-listers. They don’t even have an official store in Malaysia! One of the door gifts for their guests was Godiva chocolates (no Cadbury here). Their wedding was also held at the 5-star hotel St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.
Sounds like a wedding we wish we had an invitation to!
Featured Image Credit: Tyra | TikTok
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