It's been a long time since we could spend some time outdoors so when 'GoPro' invited to join a few influencers and media representatives, we jumped at the chance to not only play around with the action camera.

To jog your memory (and ours), when Rojak Daily did a review of the all new HERO10 camera, we couldn't explore much as it we received it during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, off we went to Taman Rimba Komanwel near Rawang for a day and a half away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Upon arrival, we were given a GoPro HERO10 to use during the event, which was great yay! If you thought we'd share our sad attempt at making the best use of the camera, sorry guys. We have to say despite guidance the very helpful people from the GoPro team, we had a little bit of trouble figuring the device out so we will keep our ameture attempts secret and share the amazing work some of the others who attended the event captured.

Here's some of what happened on the day and what we learnt about using a GoPro.

Try using the different features

One of the first things we had to do was decorate our tents and try to win the best decorated tent competition. We didn't win but we sure had fun! At the end of it, we had to take pictures of our tents with our GoPros and submit it for judging.

This was within the first hour or two after we got the GoPro so still very new at it. So, we were experimenting with the different modes and views. The pictures were OK but we also realised that using "wide lens" for all the shots is not a good idea.

Here's an example of how it could have turned out.

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Don't be afraid of the water

So, we got on an SUP, which looks like a surfboard but a lot more stable. After the initial fear of splashing into the water went away, it was a really calming experience!

The best part about capturing the moment was how easy it was to just set the GoPro, find a secure place to put it and record the experience. We also took the camera when we went for river trekking which led to a waterfall and capture images and videos without having to worry about water causing any damages.

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Don't be too gentle

GoPro is an action camera, so obviously it is built to endure some rough handling. So, don't be like us, who were too afraid to damage properties that aren't our own and se the camera the way it was meant to.

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Transfer files and edit easily on Quik

Transfering files and editing has just gotten much easier with GoPro's Quik app. Just connect your phones to the camera, transfer the files while you're charging your GoPro or not using it, and edit.

We kind of dig this app coz it makes it so much easier to come up with short content for social media.

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If you're a new user, experiment!

Any device needs some exploration and getting used to when you first use it. GoPro is no different so if you're getting yourseld one, make sure you've explore the features somewhat before you use it on your adventure trip.

We got the hang of it after awhile but we sure wish we did so earlier and managed to capture better images and footages of the event.

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