For every avid Harry Potter fan, including us, we’ve always envied other parts of the world where Harry Potter-themed cafés seem to be the coolest place to be.

As we scroll through our social media platforms and watch videos or look at pictures of these cafés, we just wish we could teleport ourselves there and enjoy some butterbeer.

Well Potterheads, looks like our wish has finally come true – Malaysia’s first ever Harry Potter-themed book café has finally opened.

Hedwig Books and Café is where we Harry Potter nerds can gather and pretend to be Hogwarts students hanging out at a café in Hogsmeade. There are even costumes – Hogwarts robes, scarves, wands, and Harry’s infamous glasses - for you to try out and dress the part!

You can read your favourite Harry Potter book while having a meal here.
Looks like the Gryffindor common room.
All the four houses' crest can be found at this cafe.
Wizards and witches who come to the café can read from a wide selection of books and even rent them for a low rate of RM1-RM3 per day, take photos, play board games, and of course, enjoy the scrumptious food and drinks.

The drinks are priced between RM4 – RM9 while their food ranges from RM2 – RM18. They currently serve a Hedwig-themed chocolate cake and plan to add Butterbeer to their menu soon.

That Sorting Hat cupcake looks so cute!
We want Butterbeer, please.
So, where is this café located?

Well, good news for those staying on the east coast but bad news for us who are residing in the Klang Valley as the café is located at Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and opens daily from 10am-10pm. Guess we do need to use the Floo Network to get there.

We know some of you might be wondering, “Why Kelantan of all places?” Well, we got in touch with the café owner to know more.

The café is owned by 47-year-old Raiha Hanafi who has worked all her life in KL but decided to return back to Kelantan in 2005. The Kelantanese native decided to open a book café in Kota Bahru as there is no such café in her hometown.

“It has been my life-long dream to open a book cafe since I’m an avid reader myself. I got the inspiration when I was studying in San Diego, California. I went to this beautiful book café and felt the sudden desire to have a similar café in Malaysia”, Raiha told Rojak Daily.

You can also find all sorts of rare books here!
This cute wizard is melting our hearts!
“My children and I are huge Harry Potter fans, and we hope other fans can enjoy this place.”

The interior of the café is plastered with all sorts of Harry Potter props to emulate scenes from the movie. There’s the Hogwarts crest, house banners, and even the Platform and 9 ¾ signage!

We can hear the desperate cries of Harry Potter fans in the Klang Valley, wishing that they’d open an outlet here too. Well, they might not do that so soon, perhaps sometime in the future.

“I’m considering expanding my business to KL if the response is good. We’ll see,” said Raiha.

So, anyone up for a trip to Kelantan soon? As much as we wish the Floo Network, portkeys, or flying broomsticks actually exist, let’s book a flight ticket there ASAP!

For more info, visit their Facebook page or Instagram.