Asking someone “Will you marry me” can be a very daunting and stressful task for the future groom, and often times they are pressured to do it with high expectations.

But for one man in South Africa, he decided to pop the question to the love of his life in one of the most unconventional locations – KFC.

Yes, the home of finger lickin’ good fried chicken.

A video of Bhut’ Hector proposing to Nonhlanhla went viral on Twitter and has be viewed over three million times to date.

When most people find the proposal cute, there were also others who looked down on Hector, claiming that he was "broke and not classy" for doing it in KFC.

Well, those haters are probably even more bitter now because the whole of South Africa helped track down the couple and offered to help sponsor their special occasion following KFC’s plea to search for the couple.

To date, there are over 20 brands who are willing to sponsor the lovebirds; from jewelry, wedding dresses, transportation, food to even their honeymoon, everything’s seems sorted out for them.

KFC has probably got the food covered for their wedding and now, brands like Coca-Cola, Audi, Sony Movies, Puma, Huawei, AIG, and many more are chipping in.

Their wedding will also be televised and they will receive a feature spread in a few publications.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, someone had too much free time and decided to do an Excel spreadsheet of the donations the couple will be receiving.

To make the fairytale sweeter, the couple apparently already tied the knot in 2012, but Bhut wasn't satisfied with the rings he bought at the time and wanted to buy his wife something better; hence the second proposal at the KFC outlet, which is smart because she will never see it coming.

Well, we wish both of the couple a happy and lasting marriage.

So guys, never doubt yourselves for a second if you plan to pop the question at the most unconventional places because you’ll never know what could happen next!