People usually give angpau or household appliances that are useful to a newly wedded couple.

Mohamad Farhan Mat Yaacob, however, chose to give something very personal and very unusual as well.

Goat-level gift

When his best friend got married recently, Mohammad Farhan decided that there's no better gift to bestow upon the newly weds than pet two-year-old pet goat Duras.

While many may think that a goat is not something one give as a gift, it is something normal in the village he hails from.

The 28-year-old goat farmer from Kota Baru told Harian Metro that he knew his friend Harun Hazim Zakaria for close to twenty years and wanted to give him something special for his wedding.

The goat-est give of all.
“Duras is one of my favourite goats and I had it since it was a baby. It is a tame animal.”

“Even my youngest brother Aidil Iqmal Hafiz, 11, would play with it sometimes,” he was quoted as saying.

Thankfully, Aidil did not mind when Mohammad Farhan said he wanted to give Duras away to his best friend.

"He didn't mind and wasn't upset when I told him that I want to give Duras to Harun. That's because he is also close to Harun and treats him as his own elder brother," he added.

Meeeeeeehhhhh and you forever!
Besides Duras, Mohammad Farhan also sponsored two goats for the wedding banquet.

This is so #FriendshipGoals, kan? We wish you a happy marriage, Harun.