Are you a foodie and wouldn’t take anything seriously except for eating, drinking and socialising?nnThen we have just the thing for you!

A top university in France is offering a Master’s degree course for people who enjoy drinking, eating, and living via a course called BMV - short for 'boire, manger, vivre'.

According to a report in The Telegraph, among the courses offered by Sciences Po Lille, one of the most prestigious political science schools in France, include ‘gastro-diplomacy’, food tech, and fighting sexism in the kitchen.

A lot to learn

Students, among others, are required to write essays on lifestyle, plant-based alternatives to meat, history of farming, attend conferences on food and drinks.

They also need to assume the role of TV journalists, food reviewers, and bosses of food delivery companies to check on quality and working conditions.

The course’s lecturer Benôit Lengaigne was quoted as saying that the first batch of 15 students have already started on lessons about ‘terrestrial foods’.

Lengaigne further said the course is 'one of the best ways to ignite 20-year-old students’ passion for changing or saving the world through their future profession.’