If you’re not familiar with Pulut Dan Kopi, the roadside stall was opened by two friends Iffah Irdina and Nor Fazrina who initially opened the store because they wanted to pay for their school fees.

The 27 year old students of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) first opened their signature white umbrella on a roadside in Kajang in February 2021 during the lockdowns and sold pulut rendang with coffee.

They were inspired by the street coffee culture in Japan and in the beginning, they only used moka pots and hand grinders to make their coffee.

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Through harsh rains (that even broke their umbrella) to the scorching heat, the girls never gave up and continued to sell their pulut and coffee, winning the hearts of Malaysians everywhere.

pulut dan kopi interior
Today, a year and two months later, they have an extremely aesthetic café in Kajang, a five-minute walk from their previous roadside location and are still serving their namesake pulut rendang and coffees.

You can find their café in Kajang via Waze, just look for Kafe Pulut & Kopi. They’re open from 8am – 8pm and are closed on Fridays. They’re story is an inspiring tale of perseverance and passion resulting in progress. Watch their origin story below and be inspired!

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Image credits: pulutdankopi