We’ve all heard about troubled marriages that lead to divorces.

However, a woman from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has filed for divorce for having a perfect marriage to a perfect husband.

Strange? Read on.

'I wanted to argue with him'

Too much love is a bad thing?
According to a report by Gulf News, the woman, who had only been married for 18 months, is seeking a divorce because her husband "doesn't fight with her, always forgives her, cooks for her and does household chores".

As a result, she "could not digest" her husband's love.

In her plea to the Sharia court, the woman reportedly said that her husband is too perfect for her.

"Neither does he ever shout at me, nor has he ever disappointed me over any issue. I am feeling suffocated in such an environment. Sometimes he cooks for me, and also helps me in performing household chores.

"Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him," she was quoted as saying, adding that she does not need a life where her husband agrees to anything.

The woman’s husband, on the other hand, said he loved his wife very much and always wanted to keep her happy.

Unsurprisingly, the Sharia court cleric was baffled by the woman's reason, and promptly rejected the plea, calling it frivolous.

The woman’s subsequent appeal to the local governing body was also given the boot, and has requested for the couple to resolve the matter mutually.

Well, it looks like the husband needs to pick more fights with the woman after this.