Yes, yes, a million times yes!

Malaysia Pro Wrestling is Malaysia's very own pro wrestling promotion and training organisation, and they've putting on shows for the past two years for wrestling fans in Southeast Asia. Their first show was subtitled Clash of the Titans and was run in collaboration with Komik Kon Malaysia in 2015.

The first match of the very first show.
Everyone's gotta start somewhere right? The show in 2015 was a success and the founding members carried the momentum into 2016 with MyPW Uprising. The event featured a title belt and a broken wrestling ring by the end of the day. The event was the first salvo of world building for MyPW. Relationships between wrestlers were built to intensify the drama and spectacle of matches.

Double finisher appropriately named the Doomsday Device. (Image: Gilalensa)
MyPW put on a total of four shows in 2016, culminating in Wrestlecon in September 2016. The main event saw the Nusantara Prince, Shaukat, and The Ultimate Troll, The D, go head to head for the MyPW World to Regional Championship match. Their rivalry was built up over the four events in 2016 with The D stoking the flames, living up to his name as the ultimate troll. Wrestlecon 2016 was to be the deciding match between the adversaries and the conclusion of the fued... until an unexpected low blow by The D cost Shaukat the championship belt. And so the battle continues.

Talk about taking the title up from under your nose. (Image: Calvin Alexi)
Which leads us neatly to MyPW: Reckoning this Saturday, 28 January. Featuring nine matches, a collaboration with GrappleMax Dojo Singapore, and the deciding match between the bitter rivals Shaukat and The D, wrestling fans will be in for a day of visceral treats not common in the peaceful landscape of Malaysia. You can read all about the various conflicts in the MyPW world at their Facebook page MyProWrestling.

Event Details:

Date: 28 January 2017
Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Ticket Price: RM60 (ring side), RM45, and RM30
Venue: D'Lavender, Damansara Heights Convention Centre

And since you were expecting some kind of proof of wrestling, here are the highlights from Wrestlecon 2016. See you this Saturday: