First day of school is usually an exciting time for students.

Well, except for one group of students in Kelantan.

Forced to skip class

About 100 students from SMK Dabong were forced to 'ponteng' the first day of school after a Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) train failed to stop at their station.

Kosmo! reported that the train failed to make a stop at the Kuala Gris station in Kuala Krai at 7.08am on Sunday (9 January).

Usually, the train will pick up passengers from the station and arrive in Dabong 20 minutes later.

The students reportedly waited for the train until 7.30am before they decided to go home.

Image credit: Sinar Harian

After being alerted to the incident, KTMB confirmed that Shuttle Timuran No 51 train, which left Tumpat station at 4.05am, had failed to stop at the Kuala Gris station.

KTMB said in a statement posted on the Facebook page that they take the matter seriously and they will investigate the matter.

"KTMB takes a serious view of the incident as it involved 100 students of SMK Dabong which commenced schooling session today.

"Investigation is underway, the employee involved (in the incident) has been suspended, and disciplinary action will be taken in the event of negligence.

"KTMB apologises to the students, parents, and school who were affected and we express our regret over the incident. Improvements will be made and KTMB assures that a similar incident will not be repeated in future," KTMB said in the statement.

Poor kids. They must've been so excited to go to school but KTMB decided to spoil their party.