Yes, you know who we're talking about right away don't you? It's a true testament to the power of virality that a 'man-on-the-street' has morphed into one of the most recognised side-walk soft toy sellers of 2016. Now with the latest development in the life and times of 'Pokemon Uncle', we thought it was high time someone did a profile on the man, the myth, the uncle.

#1 His name is David

He's 65 years old. No surname or address. But that's the name you can pin to his face. Oh, we know he's in Damansara Uptown, outside of HSBC after 11am.

#2 Someone ordered 250 soft toys from him and BAILED

This fact was brought to the attention of the Net on Monday and Malaysians have since responded in droves. In a mere two hours, 190 dolls were sold, and when he returned with more at 2.30pm, that ran out as well within 45 minutes. This was reported by The Star (along with many others, and now us). When interviewed he had this to say:

“If people wanted to cheat, I can’t do anything about it.”

“What then happened is that within two hours, God sent His soldiers around."

#3 Uncle David was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2015

According to, Uncle David was given six months to live. Chemo has taken its toll on his body and he doesn't have the energy to drive, so he takes public transport from Cheras to Damansara Uptown to sell his wares. He says that he used to walk everywhere around Klang Valley selling his wares from Subang to Sri Hartamas.

#4 He's been selling soft toys at the bank for 15 years

Before his Internet fame, he was struggling to sell 50 dolls a week, now he sells 500 a day (source: The Star)! They sell for RM10 a pop. It's reported that he earns RM3 for each doll sold. That's a fine amount of cheddar for an honest day's work.

#5 He's led a semi-charmed life

According to FreeMalaysiaToday, Uncle David managed a lounge in 1985 in Ampang Park before being upgraded to Hollywood East in 1988. After that closed down, he went to Labuan where he managed Jupiter 8. He met a woman there, got married and got himself a son. Things took a turn in 2001 when the woman ran away with all his savings – RM90,000 – leaving him and his five-year-old son with nothing.

His son would later grow up to be a high-achieving student scoring 9A's in SPM and earning a scholarship to study in the United States! Now 65 and backed by the Internet, Uncle David's life is on the up and up.