What would you do if you felt an earthquake?

You’d probably be so scared that you wouldn’t know what to do.

However, when New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern felt an earthquake, she proved that she is tough by keeping calm.

According to a report in Mothership, Singapore, Ardern was at a press conference when the earthquake happened.

As a reporter was asking her a question, earthquake tremors were felt in the room.

One cool lady

Ardern, who noticed the tremors, was seen straightening her back and tightening her grip on the podium for a moment, before turning to the reporter once again.

"Ah sorry, a slight distraction. Would you mind repeating that question?" she said with a smile.

She later told reported that the earthquake was so mild that Deputy Prime Minister Grant Roberson wondered if it was simply strong wind, as reported by ABC News.

Meanwhile, NZ Herald reported that an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude had hit the country's central North Island, in a small town called Taumarunui.

MAIN IMAGE: Andrew Macfarlane on Twitter