You know what’s a petrolhead’s biggest conundrum when headed for a car gathering or tarik session with fellow connoisseurs of the motoring kind? What to wear. Trust us, civilians without an affinity for cars might think we’re more concerned about our vehicles but repping the right apparel takes precedence by a quarter mile.

Sporting the right clothing with cool references to your shitbox on wheels or mocking other marques is key in scoring social points in the field. Bonus points if it looks cool to civilians and not just fellow petrolheads.

That brings us to the next hurdle in addressing this; it’s honestly downright impossible to find automotive-related clothing that looks cool on all planes. There have been some notable collections but again, accessibility on our shores is another issue.

Honda Malaysia has collaborated with local clothing connoisseurs Pestle & Mortar Clothing for the One Million Dreams Collection that celebrates the marque nailing the one million units sold milestone since its establishment on our shores in 2003.

Opting for quality over quantity, the collection comprises six choice items that are unisex:
- Polo ShirtRM157
- Short Sleeve ShirtRM172
- Long Sleeve ShirtRM187
- Racing JacketRM316
- Reversible Bucket HatRM172
- Neck PouchRM182

So, if you have a Honda parked in your porch or just possess an appreciation for fine apparel, the collection will be available 1 April 2021 on Honda Malaysia’s official Shopee store.

You can even get your hands on some RM20 vouchers (2,000 Shopee coins) by registering for them on the Honda Malaysia Facebook page from now until 28 March 2021. You’ll then be sent a unique code on 31 March 2021 to be used when making a purchase of the collection. Keep in mind that only the first 100 customers that register will get the Shopee coins.

If VTEC flows within your veins, you can even save more with bundle packages together with Honda Malaysia’s TEI collection from last season.

Remember, your shitbox car is temporary but classy Honda apparel is eternal.