If you’ve seen parodic and Malaysianised t-shirts of well-known lifestyle brands, then you may be familiar with APOM.

APOM, or A Piece of Malaysia, is a popular lifestyle brand that offers Malaysian products from fashion items to albums from popular Malaysian bands. Yes, they’re also responsible for the famous Hantu Kak Limah merch as a collaboration with Astro.

This time around, APOM released a new line of intriguingly unique products, something a bit out of ordinary even for them.

APOM recently released a brand new collection of scented candles for very interesting purposes. The first one is called ‘Siapa Kentut’, which translates to ‘Who Farted?’, a fragrant candle designed most probably to combat the awful stench of a fart. The odour notes of the candle indicate a mix of lemon, lavender and bergamot.

Another one that caught our eye (or nose) is ‘Buang Suey’, which means ‘getting rid of bad luck’. In some cultures, people use fragrances in getting rid of bad luck and APOM took that as an inspiration for this particular product.

All the candles are made from 100% soywax together with natural essential oils.

So if next time your significant other is having a terrible stomach ache after a good bowl of pan mee or banana leaf rice, you know what to do.

Check out the product here.