Thinking of getting a gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? Want to make Mom the coolest and hippest aunty in town?

Look no further, here’s Rojak Daily’s top tech picks for moms this Mother's Day:

Anova Precision Cooker

Imagine your mom cooking a perfect steak via Bluetooth!

Anova is a precision cooking device that cooks via sou vide. For those unfamiliar with this fancy French method of cooking, sou vide translates to ‘under vacuum’. Generally, it involves taking the item you want to cook (typically meat), sealing it in a plastic or ziploc bag, and then submerging it in a water bath that is kept at a very precise temperature.

With this precision cooker, the entire meat is heated up to the precise temperature from outside in. This way, the exterior of your meat will not be charred or overcooked with the interior cooked to perfection!

Also, remember when your mom scolded you for not defrosting the meat she asked you to few hours ago? With this fancy tech, mom is able to connect to the cooker via Bluetooth or Wi-fi to defrost then cook it remotely.

Yes, you read that right. With Wi-fi, use any internet connected device (tablet or phone) to control the precision cooker by setting the temperature and timer. Do the same with Bluetooth if mom is at home.

The Anova Precision Cooker retails at RM677.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Do more with a stylus

If your mom surfs the web and view photos on her phone frequently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the perfect tablet you can buy for her right now. Here are a few reasons:With the Galaxy Tab A, your mom no longer need to squint while stalking your Facebook profile.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is retailing at only RM1099.

UP3 by Jawbone

Moms can look cool while exercising too.

If you have a very hip and happening mom, the UP3 is the perfect accessory for her.

Fitness trackers these day are too bulky or heavy on the wrist. Also known NOT to be fashion statements, the Jawbone UP3 is an exception with a unique design and a very light 22 grams.

It tracks calories burned, distance, sleep activity, steps taken, and also time - perfect for Mom’s tai-chi and exercise routines!

When she's done exercising, the UP3 can double up as a fancy bangle when she goes out for high tea with her friends.

The UP3 is available in different colours and has an original retail price of RM780.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Talk MORE with a larger battery in a phone

Every Mom loves chatting with her friends and family. Let her talk more by gifting her Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4.

With a 4,100 mAh battery, she can talk up to 33 hours (that’s more than a day of non-stop talking!)

With a powerful processor and a large display, she wil definitely be able to fully enjoy downloading videos and photos on WhatsApp then easily view it through the large 5.5” display.

Priced under RM900, this would be the best replacement for Mom’s aging phone.

The Redmi Note 4 retails at RM625. So totally affordable!