If you’re an avid fan of DC Superheroes, we know you would by now have an outstanding collection of DC Superheroes figurines. And if Batman is your favourite superhero of all time, well, you might just be expanding your collection soon.

Royal Selangor recently unveiled its latest Batman pewter collection featuring the Dark Knight, his awesome Batmobile and of course, Gotham City’s greatest villain.

The limited-edition Batman statue made its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con on 20 July this year. The nine-inch pewter showcases the mysterious superhero perching on top a stone gargoyle and holding his batarang, probably waiting for some punk to make the wrong move.

The details in this figurine are crazy, his body suit is super defined and detailed with his cape flowing majestically. Plus, he has a chiseled face!

Nanana, it's Batman!
There are only 3,000 units available worldwide and you can already start pre-ordering them.

Well, Batman’s crime-fighting adventures wouldn’t be complete without his trusty Batmobile, so Royal Selangor has also produced the Batmobile -- or also known as the Keaton Mobile, named after actor Michael Keaton who played the Dark Knight in the 1989 Batman movie -- to compliment the Batman figurine.

So, with his suave, jet-turbined Batmobile, Batman is off to fight Gotham’s evilest villain. But who could it be? It’s none other than The Joker, of course!

The six-inch pewter figurine stands tall with a psychotic smile plastered on his face, handcuffs loose, a gun in one hand, and his Joker calling card in another.

The greatest Gotham villain ever.
Just how awesome is this pewter collection, really?

Fans can purchase or pre-order the limited-edition Royal Selangor Batman collection at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealers, or online at royalselangor.com.