It looks like the whole controversy surrounding Amber Heard and ‘Aquaman 2’ is far from over.

Fans from Johnny Depp’s camp wants the movie studio to fire Heard or they’ll make sure the movie tank from the box office, and it seems that the studio is feeling the heat and they are considering to “balance things out”.

According to We Got This Covered, ‘Aquaman 2’ director James Wan is on the hunt for another female lead of Asian descendent.

Is Heard out of the water?

Wan with Momoa and Heard on set of 'Aquaman 2'.
Some of you may think that they’re finding a replacement for Heard, but that's unlikely the case as the new female role is set to “balance Heard’s role” as Princess Mera and reduce her screen time if needed.

The new star will likely be casted as Dolphin, a prominent comic book heroine and Arthur Curry’s sometimes lover.

Dolphin was first introduced in 1968 and was once a regular human girl who accidentally fell overboard on a cruise ship.

She was assumed to have drowned, but was actually abducted by mysterious beings who used her to test aquatic genetic modifications.

Perhaps the new casting decision is meant to diffuse the tension surrounding Heard's controversies as the petition to remove her from the film that reached over 1.5 million signatures.

Filming for ‘Aquaman 2’ is scheduled to begin in early 2021 so it’s only a matter of time until fans find out if there will ever be a second female lead or not.