If you've ever been made fun of because of the way you look, you'll know how frustrating and angry it is.

One Vietnamese man got so sick and tired of being made fun of, he decided to go under the knife to change his whole face.

Got laughed at during an interview

Do Quyen from Vietnam has become an internet celebrity of sorts after he shared his transformation journey on social media site TikTok.

According to Oddity Central, the 26-year-old claimed that he was made fun of by an interviewer when he was applying for a job.

Quyen revealed that the interview laughed at him and called him unattractive, and by the end of the day, he decided to do something about the way he looks.

This is how Quyen looked like before the surgery:

This is Quyen before.
This is Quyen after plastic surgery:

How he looks like now.
That's a pretty drastic transformation, don't you think?

Blood, sweat and tears

To achieve his oppa looks, Quyen revealed that he went under the knife nine times (!!) to work on his facial features, which included rhinoplasty, porcelain veneers, double eyelid surgery, chin and lip implants and lip reshaping surgery.

In total, he reportedly spent 400 million Dong (RM70,000) from his own savings to change his looks.

New face, who dis?
Despite his parents' objections, Quyen went ahead with the surgeries and he's never looked back since.

“The first time I came home after plastic surgery, my parents did not recognise me."

"I expected as much, but I still could not hold back my tears,” he was quoted as saying.

Quyen regularly shares photos and videos of his transformation on his TikTok account, and they've gained plenty of views on the video-sharing platform.


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After being made fun of because of his appearance, Quyen had the last laugh (from his brand new lips and mouth) as he now works as a full-time make up artist in Saigon.

Despite being criticised for going to the extreme, Quyen told his TikTok followers that he has no regrets, further encouraging them to do things that make them happy.

“Always be strong and find the beauty that you are most confident in,” said Do, who has 90,100 TikTok followers.

“The standard of beauty for me is that when you look at yourself in the mirror and you feel satisfied and confident,” he was quoted as saying.​

Hey, you do you, Do Quyen.