We all know that COVID-19 has been bad for business, especially for industries like travel and tourism.

AirAsia is one of the businesses that were affected, which in turn affected its customers who have bought their flight tickets and paid for other services.

For a long time, these customers have been looking to get a refund. The staff were also let go or are facing paycuts.

So, when AirAsia's Tan Sri Tony Fernandez shared pictures of his brand new Tesla car, obviously netizens were not happy.


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"Independence day. Going green. No more gasoline. Gone electric. Rented Tesla model Y. Love it," Fernandez posted on his Instagram.

According to edmunds.com, the price of the car ranges between USD41,190 (RM171,268) and USD62,190 (RM258,586).

Considering that a lot of people are waiting for refunds from the company, many employees have lost their jobs or working for a smaller pay than usual, the move by the entrepreneur was not taken well.

"Let’s hope all the Air Asia refunds have been successfully paid out," one follower wrote.

"Employee on pay cut boss having a great time hmm and he is an icon," another one said.

"How we all wish you can give us back the money that we should have as fast as you reward yourself with a brand new car, come on Tony do something about it," said a frustrated customer.

We wonder what's going on that made a follower comment this: "So i guess the salary payment won't be late again this month."

Looks like his new business doesn't seem to be very friendly towards its riders, but we can't confirm.

But someone alluded to this in their comment: "Wow..great car! But sir can you give more commission for air Asia delivery driver? I heard that it is 30%lower than grabdriver due to you all want to fight the market."

We must say, the post does reek of tone deafness considering everything that's been going on with AirAsia. Let's hope everyone receives what's due soon.