Most of the time, we try not to give has-beens the time of the day, but since this kind of involves public health issues here's a story about an anti-masker who thinks science is a lie.

Former beauty queen Samantha Katie James, who is not new to making controversial statements, has posted a picture on Instagram saying that she will never wear a mask.

Her post has drawn criticism although there seem to be a few who applauded her for it.

It's a 'No' for her

Samantha, who won the Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, has been pretty problematic so her recent comments isn't exactly shocking.

A post shared by @samanthakayty

In the picture that looks like it was taken in a public toilet, Samantha made her sentiments about masks clear.

"Me and my princess doing our thangggg. Coz we cute like that surrounded by everyone with their masks on ? oooooo spreading our light and sovereignty everywhere… tinklessss of magickkkk that they don’t even deserve tbh," she wrote.

She continued that she will NEVER wear a mask, calling it "face diaper" in sentences peppered with words we can't publish.

Samantha also claimed that a man who walked past her and her friend, Mira Shaid (that's her Instagram name, at least) crushed took off his own mask and crumpled it in his hands.

"I saw a guy walk pass me pull his mask off and crunch it in his hand! THATS MY MAN , loveeee u whoever you were, that was HOT. Turn on!!" she wrote.

Considering that most public places, especially malls, don't allow anyone into their premises without a mask on and "low risk" status on MySejahtera apps, we're not sure where she's been going without one but there you have it.

We'll leave you with a picture we found on her Instagram posted sometimes last year. Check out what's in her hands.

Guess people can change their minds