In case you haven't already heard, McDonald's Singapore launched the Nasi Lemak Burger last week in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017.

When we at Rojak Daily heard about the Nasi Lemak Burger, our initial reaction was:

Minus the clown outfit, of course.
And it wasn’t just us. Many social media users were shocked and at the same time, curious on how it would taste like. How can a Nasi Lemak Burger taste good without nasi dan yang berlemak?

So being proud Malaysians, we went to one of the McDonald’s in Singapore over the weekend and did our best Gordon Ramsay impression and judge it for ourselves!

Does it even taste like real nasi lemak? Is it all just hype? Or most importantly, is it as good as Village Park Nasi Lemak?

Read on, friends.

What does it taste like?

The full set
Right off the menu, we got the full Nasi Lemak Feast set which consisted of the burger itself, criss-cut fries, Bandung McFizz and the Coconut Pie.

Wrapped in the familiar brown paper
Meat lovers rejoice! With a huge chunky piece of chicken, after a massive bite, we realised that this is no ordinary fried chicken patty.

It is not the chicken patty we find in our usual Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Chicken Burger.

It is actually an ayam goreng BEREMPAH chicken patty!

A party in our mouths
You can taste the slight tinge of rempah with every bite of the chicken patty, and to be honest, we weren't expecting that at all so that's a big win.

The rempah tackling your senses.
And then suddenly, it hit us; the sambal that is a must in all nasi lemak.

It was rather mild, the level of spiciness, but it definitely complemented the chicken patty and the overall taste. Any stronger, we wouldn’t be able to taste the rempah in the chicken!

Just the right amount of sambal.
Now, here comes the biggest surprise: the fried egg wasn’t the type that you’d usually find in your Egg McMuffin breakfast set, but the kind that you’d expect in a plate of nasi lemak - deep fried and garing at the edges.

It's really, really sedap!

Not forgetting the cucumber of course, which made the whole experience reminiscent of eating actual nasi lemak.

The supporting cast

Sirap + SpriteMoving on, we had the Bandung McFizz which we could only describe it as Bandung with Sprite.

The susu sejat or evaporated milk was evident with every sip we took and with the fizziness and a hint of citrus-y taste made it really refreshing. Went very well with the savoury burger.

Nothing really special, to be honest
After clearing the main course, we also tried the Coconut Pie that came along with this set. The filling had a viscous consistency with nata-de-coco bits.

Crisp on the outside, warm filling in the inside, it was a pretty decent dessert but we would’ve preferred the sweeter kueh lapis instead!

Our verdict

Despite some people calling it over-hyped, but honestly, we absolutely LOVED it. So much so, we actually ordered another set to experience it again.

Here's our official rating:

Don’t just take our word for it; hundreds of people on social media loved it as much as we did:

For SGD9.75 (or RM30.52) per set, would you make a trip to Singapore to give this a try before the promotion ends?