The kindness shown by his customers has inspired a nasi lemak seller to do the same.

Muhamad Farid Ahmad, who used to work in a factory canteen selling breakfast and lunch meals such as ayam rendang, ayam masak merah, sambal petai udang, and all sorts of kuih.

Sadly, the work from home policy implemented following the Covid-19 pandemic, slowed his business as factory workers hardly stopped by to buy food, Malay Mail reported.

Farid used to work at a stall before moving on to work at a factory canteen. When business at the canteen slowed down, he decided to open his own stall armed with his experience and knowledge gained from his previous employment.

A blessing in disguise

For Farid, opening a stall at Taman Saujana Puchong in November last year was the best decision because customers came in droves to support him.

He said this included one of his former employers working at the factory.

“My former employer is a very kind-hearted man.

“Not only has he bought food from me, he even ordered and paid for about 100 bihun packets from my stall and told me to distribute them to the community staying in a flat near my house," he told Malay Mail.

Farid added that another kind customer also ordered 100 nasi lemak packets worth RM1.50 each for 10 days to be donated to a children’s orphanage.

He said that the mechanic, who is his good friend, wanted to help the needy around him.

Inspired by such kind customers, Muhamad Farid also decided to give food to orphanages.

“I’m grateful for these kind customers who have not only supported my business but also taught me to be kind to the people around me.

“It's my responsibility to give back to society too,” he said.

Now, we too are inspired to spread kindness to those around us! Thank you, Farid and all those who inspired him.