Just because something isn't done that way in your culture or social circle, it does not mean that any other way is wrong.

What are we going on about?

It's about this extremely insensitive katak bawah tempurung called Grant Harrold, a self proclaimed etiquette expert from Britain, who was also the former butler to Princes Charles, William and Harry.

Teaching us how to eat rice.
On March 6, Grant decided to give out some advice on how to eat rice via his Twitter account, which resulted in so much rage.

No need for cutlery!

"Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice! We do not use our hands or fingers !!! ?", he tweeted accompanied with a picture of some person eating grains of rice with a knife and fork.

The message, the multiple exclamation marks, the emoji and the picture did not go down well with many netizens, most of whom actually eat rice on a daily basis.

No apologies

More than 8,000 netizens commented on the tweet with one user even including a poll asking if people used their hands or utensils when eating rice.

Despite all the unhappy, angry, annoyed comments, Grant has yet to say issue an apology.

Instead, he actually defended his tweet on one of the comments.